Photograph Restorations & Retouching    Every photograph that comes through my studio is edited and enhanced to perfection. Whether it involves subtle cropping, color corrections, red-eye reductions, getting rid of dirt, tears, rips, fold lines or other types of damage, adding color or special backgrounds, or even eliminating Uncle Ned from that otherwise-perfect family photo, you can be sure that your photographs will be just as you want them.

Design and Art   My art work and designs have been used for creating posters, fliers, invitations,T-Shirts, postcards, banners, logos, film and video graphics, newspaper illustrations, menus and many other mediums. I can provide all kinds of design and layout solutions for your specific projects and I'll be happy to help collaborate with you to come up with creative ideas.

Paul Sundick Creative Services

Candid Photography  A sharp eye, a sense of the big moment and impeccable timing are all factors in capturing those "Kodak Moments" that you'd expect from a creative photographer. Take a look at my photography page to see the variety of images that I have captured and you'll know what I bring to the party.

My specialties are:

Filmmaking and Editing  It's all about storytelling and that's my specialty. I shoot and edit corporate and personal videos for all kinds of meetings, important events and specialized venues. Each video is professionally produced and individually customized, bringing to life whatever message, brand or story you want told. My work as an editor and filmmaker in advertising, corporate communications, charitable fundraising and documentary-style personal filmmaking has netted me over 30 awards, as recently as 2017.